What is the Kahnawà:ke Collective Impact Movement?

Kahnawà:ke Collective Impact (KCI) is a Movement to engage, facilitate, and support community stakeholders in long term discussions, to identify and work towards our ideal social and economic future for our children and young people in the areas of:

• Education, learning, skills, training
• Health, safety, well-being, support
• Identity, language, culture, and traditions
• Jobs, income, benefits
• and other important topics that we need to talk about

Why a Collective Impact process?

Collective Impact is a long-term, grassroots approach for solving complex social challenges. It involves discussing the challenges in depth as a community, and taking responsibility to create and implement solutions together.
The Movement requires community members—from many different walks of life—to work together on different, but specific issues. This can include business owners, elders, individuals, community groups, youth, organizations, spiritual leaders, and many more. This diversity of people allows for broader perspectives, more creative solutions, and inclusivity.

Where did it start?

Discussions first began when Tewatohnhi’saktha discovered trends that indicated a decline in various social and economic areas. Tewatohnhi’saktha reached out to the Kahnawà:ke Education Center, Kahnawà:ke Shakotiia’takehnhas Community Services, and the Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke to discuss the urgency of these community trends.

It was quickly realized that the community needs to lead the conversation to solve these challenges, hence, the collective impact Movement was formed.